Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Afternoons

Saturday afternoon is the best time to spend in lab. You get the perfect amount of smugness at being a dedicated lab member, relaxation from not having the PI standing over your shoulder, and sense of accomplishment by restocking the media that has been depleted over the week.

You can do the dumbest little piece of work and feel great because you did it on a SATURDAY. You can listen to your iPod without being rude. You can spread out over an entire bench without battling it out with your neighbor.

It wouldn't normally feel this great, but since it's vacation and I have the luxury of time, I feel like I can pat myself on the back for using it productively. I recommend you all do the same (even you doctorate students. I know it's practically in the job description, but I guess you guys deserve a bit of love anyway. Just kidding. Everyone loves you dudes.)

That being said, err. Welcome to this blog! I plan to blog a bit about everything, but hopefully focus a lot on Science (with a capital S). I'm at a small institution right now so my lab and work is a bit different than one might expect from a science student elsewhere, meaning that there are no doctorate students in my lab and my largest class was 50 people. For Bio 101. Be jealous. So all that being said, I hope you enjoy some college and a lot of Science blogging, and follow me on my journey to becoming a full fledged Real Scientist.

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