Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The end.

I have a lot of really exciting and interesting trips coming up (down to Baltimore, up to Montreal, all in the next 2 weeks!)but I have no time to even think of enjoying them. I like all my classes and all the work I have to do. But this semester is kicking my ass and I really can't get up on my game.

Last week was horrendous, work wise. Lots and lots of work, with some very strong implications at this point of time that I didn't actually do all that WELL on that work. Fine. That was fine. I was going to catch up over the weekend, make some time for enjoying myself, and soldier on to greatness.

Unfortunately, that's never how it happens. I ended up getting a stomach virus/ food poisoning/ I don't even know what and spent the majority of my weekend dry heaving in the dorm bathroom. Had to take a day off of classes because I couldn't walk down my own hall. Have eaten nothing but saltines in 3 days. And all of this has changed this week from something a bit hellish but manageable to simply unthinkable.

So now I know my limit. I am past it. Right here.

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