Sunday, February 6, 2011

Liberal Arts Education?

I was sitting in Humanities Class the other day when the professor started a random hate fest on science students. It basically went along the lines of how we are androids that don't understand art or emotion, and don't truly understand what's important in life because we're too busy grinding away at minutia in order to fill in a big fat hole in our souls that we don't even know exist. Scientists can't, or won't, lead well rounded lives because they are incapable of caring about anything but their work and will die sad and alone.

I immediately jumped up to declare what a close minded statement this was, and thanked Humanities Professor for perpetrating a stereotype that has kept women out of science for a century. I continued to applaud him for deepening the rift between the sciences and humanities and really getting into the spirit of a true liberal arts education, before storming out of the classroom in a whirlwind of Righteous Fury.

Of course I don't have the balls to actually do this. I basically just sat and sulked while students chimed in with their stories about all grind no fun science majors who don't really Understand the Truths of Life. It was miserable, and considering I'm still thinking of it 4 days later, I probably should have just hopped up and given him some sass.

Liberal Arts Education my Butt.

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