Monday, June 13, 2011


Training myself on Autocad for the third time this year. First time was with my once-advisor, who I'm not quite ready to get into yet since he still makes my blood boil. Unfortunately he wiped the computer I was using of all my designs/ autocad 2006 when he left for industry in the middle of the semester. But a lab near home nicely let me redesign during my break! So I speedily learned autocad 2004.

Now I'm back at school, helping my postdoc with a nice little side project. That requires autocad. The good news is that I managed to shanghai a student copy of autocad 2011 (mac) from the architecture department. However the interface is, again, completely different from the past two versions.

Oh well, gives me something to do (no, my Important Chemicals have not yet arrived). And this copy is on MY computer, so no rogue advisors are going to get to this one.

I am also in the process of collecting all of my research related materials and backing them up (in four places). Is that paranoid?

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