Friday, July 1, 2011

Normal dangers

I'm still afraid of acids. I work a lot with neat nitric/sulfuric acid, and I find it completely terrifying. I thought that after working with this stuff for > a year, it would be no biggy. And it really is! If I splashed some on myself it would burn, I would deal with it, and then I would have a war wound and a story. That's really not so bad. But every time I pull out the bottle I see drips and splashes everywhere.

The real question is if I normally drip and splash this much and I'm just noticing it because of the substance? Am I really so sloppy at bench work?

I would also feel much better if I had some functional pH paper. Our is all 100 years old and doesn't actually turn colors.

In other more exciting happy news, my PI is about to drop a big sum of money to buy me some new toys! I feel like my project is finally gaining some traction. It's using a new method and the collaborator and student that started it are gone (one in a more dramatic manner than the other), so I was thinking that the whole thing was going to putter out when I left. But it looks like she's putting in a real investment right now.

It's better than Christmas. Hurray :)

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