Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day!

I'm enjoying my first snow day of my entire short life. I would be much more excited about this, but it's been hailing outside for the last 4 hours and I almost BRAINED myself walking to lab, so I'm feeling a bit wary of the outdoor world. Better to sit in this windowless room and gazing lovingly at my bacteria :)

But it's days like this that I feel like I'm beginning to be a workaholic. As far as I know, my roommate is still curled up in bed. I was planning to do that as well, but I always hit this wall of insurmountable GUILT when I'm enjoying myself. Which makes me not enjoy myself, really, and want to go do work. I think guilt is really my main tool for getting things done, but is that really how it's supposed to work out? I thought I'm supposed to have some sort of huge pile of passion sitting around somewhere? Maybe that's naive.

Even with all that guilt fermenting in me, I'm definitely not working on anything worthwhile (i.e. that Big Poster for Big Conference in a month!) Apparently large amounts of guilt does not actually make you prioritize very well.

Hmmm... motivation is funny. I think I should probably become less work oriented and more results oriented. I'm done musing on silly things.

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